Its not necessary to be looking for Dory  to know that in the Nenoos center of A Coruña you can improve school performance, attention, talent and intelligence of children of primary schools with the MBE program in extracurricular activities
In Nenoos Corunna you have an educational project that improves emotional intelligence, talent and creativity of your children, to be the the happiest dads and moms in the world



telephone: 881 879 396

address: C/ Torreiro 13, 7º F. 15001 A Coruña

If I were Moby Dick whale, I would go to Nenoos Headquarters at Corunna
I am a seahorse; ride on me and I will take swift and fast to the Nenoos Headquarters in Corunna
Are you looking for Nemo? Come with me, sure he is at Nenoos Headquarters

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