Leading Educational Franchise Brand NENOOS provides Financial Education to children from 3 to 13 years
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Leading Educational Franchise Brand NENOOS provides Financial Education to children from 3 to 13 years

The huge success and expansion of NENOOS, with more than 40 centres, is supported by its own methodology and proven results in children’s education. NENOOS promotes the comprehensive development of our students in three dimensions through an M.B.E global approach - MIND+BODY+EMOTION. This coming school year, NENOOS will incorporate a new and exciting program into its educational offering: NENOOS Entrepreneurs: A program dedicated to financial education that encourages and inspires the entrepreneurial spirit in children from 3 to 13 years. 

The feedback received from parents and educators have repeatedly communicated to us the need to foster this new entrepreneurial spirit in order to face the future in a more autonomous and conscious way. Through the development and testing of a bespoke and intuitive game, NENOOS aims to enhance the skills that a successful entrepreneur has: creativity, sociability, learning ability, passion and perseverance. In addition, students will work on concepts of finance and economics that will help them discover all aspects of everyday life: expenses and income, loans, bank accounts, responsible and sustainable consumption, savings ... 

It is in our hands to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of our little ones, enhancing their curiosity to learn. Our goal is to ensure that future generations are responsible, supportive and committed to their community.

NENOOS is an exciting, fresh, innovative, growing brand that will continue to blossom in 2017 and beyond. The selection of a master franchise in Ireland has begun. What are you waiting for? If you believe that this is an important project and viable business opportunity, and that you comply with our requirements, we would like to hear from you. Education can change the world, be part of that change: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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